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Figure 4

From: Systematic Bias in Genomic Classification Due to Contaminating Non-neoplastic Tissue in Breast Tumor Samples

Figure 4

Relapse-free Survival plots for PAM50 ROR-S score given (A) unadjusted NKI data, (B) 30% normal-adjusted NKI data (C) unadjusted Naderi et al. (D) 20% normal-adjusted Naderi et al. data, (E) unadjusted Wang et al. and (F) 10% normal-adjusted Wang et al. data. Corrections to the expression assuming a given percentage of tumor (a) were calculated using equation 2. In each figure, the green line is low ROR-S, the blue line is medium ROR-S, and the red line is high ROR-S.

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