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Table 1 Data sets used for this study with ArrayExpress identifiers, literature references and available meta data.

From: Quantifying stability in gene list ranking across microarray derived clinical biomarkers

Array Express ID Reference Tissue Sample size used Clinical marker recorded Affymetrix Platform
E-GEOD-10072 [16] Lung 107 Tumor/control, Smoking HG-U133A
E-GEOD- 6919 [13] Prostate 171 Tumor/control HG-U95Av2, B, C
E-GEOD- 6532 [18] Breast 138 Grade, Size, Age, ER, relapse HG-U133A, HG-U133B, HG-U133_Plus_2
E-GEOD- 7390 [15] Breast 198 Grade, Size, ER, relapse HG-U133A
E-GEOD-11121 [19] Breast 200 Grade, Size, relapse HG-U133A
E-TABM- 158 [14] Breast 130 Grade, Size, Age, ER, relapse HG-U133A
E-GEOD- 4922 [17] Breast 249 Grade, Size, Age, ER HG-U133A, HG-U133B
E-GEOD- 2990 [20] Breast 189 Grade, Size, Age, ER, relapse HG-U133A
E-GEOD- 5847 [12] Breast 95 ER HG-U133A
E-GEOD- 2034 [21] Breast 286 ER, relapse HG-U133A (preprocessed data downloaded)