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Figure 3

From: Microarray analysis of peripheral blood lymphocytes from ALS patients and the SAFE detection of the KEGG ALS pathway

Figure 3

Relationship between UBR2 transcriptional expression in lymphocytes from ALS patients and progression of the disease. Expression of UBR2 varies inversely with the length of the disease from onset to lymphocyte gene expression testing, and varies directly with the ALS-FRS-R score. Duration of the disease from onset to sampling (i.e. Disease Duration) (a) (*three close values) or the ALSFRS-R score at the time of sampling (b) are indicated on the x-axis. Log2 ratios of expression obtained from the dual mode reference design are represented on the y axis. Dot plot (c) shows that with a cut-off of 0.15, discrimination between ALS patients [ALS] and healthy controls [HC] for UBR2 expression is achieved with p = 0.000953 (Fisher's exact test).

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