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Table 2 Comparison of cluster 1 and cell types/subtypes from published gene lists

From: Gene expression profiles of breast biopsies from healthy women identify a group with claudin-low features

Comparison Reference Cluster 1 resembles P-value
Epithelial vs stem-like cell Shipitsin, 2007 Stem-like cell 2.20E-16
Stroma vs epithelium Finak, 2006 Stroma 2.20E-16
Mesenchymal vs epithelial Jechlinger, 2003 Mesenchymal 6.90E-14
Revised subtypes Herschkowitz, 2007 Claudin-low 1.52E-12
Fibroblasts vs epithelial cells Casey, 2008 Fibroblasts 1.9E-12
Risk predictor Chen, 2009 Low risk 1.30E-09
Stem-like cell vs epithelial Liu, 2007 Stem-like 1.30E-05
Myoepithelial vs progenitor Raouf, 2008 Progenitor 2.40E-05
Luminal vs progenitor Raouf, 2008 Progenitor 0.001
Stem-like vs progenitor cells Villadsen, 2007 Lineage restricted progenitor 0.008
Myoepithelial vs luminal Jones, 2004 (Myepithelial) 0.06
Classical subtypes Sorlie, 2001 - 0.76
  1. *) Chi squared test for significance
  2. Chi-squared test is used to illustrate the extent to which genes describing different cell types are equally regulated in the two clusters. Significant p-values are in bold type. For more information on the publications and comparisons, see Supplemental file 3, Table S3.