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Table 3 Functional annotation clustering of genes with hypermethylated 5'CGIs

From: Identification of DNA methylation changes associated with human gastric cancer

Annotation Cluster 1 Enrichment Score: 3.27 Count P_Value
GOTERM_BP_FAT nucleosome assembly 11 3.90E-04
GOTERM_BP_FAT chromatin assembly 11 5.20E-04
GOTERM_BP_FAT protein-DNA complex assembly 11 7.40E-04
Annotation Cluster 2 Enrichment Score: 2.92 Count P_Value
INTERPRO Histone core 8 6.80E-04
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS nucleosome core 8 8.60E-04
GOTERM_CC_FAT nucleosome 8 3.10E-03
Annotation Cluster 3 Enrichment Score: 2.16 Count P_Value
INTERPRO Homeobox, conserved site 17 5.10E-03
INTERPRO Homeobox 17 5.70E-03
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS Homeobox 17 5.80E-03
INTERPRO Homeodomain-related 17 6.40E-03
SMART HOX 17 1.40E-02
Annotation Cluster 4 Enrichment Score: 2.02 Count P_Value
PIR_SUPERFAMILY brain-expressed X-linked protein 3 9.10E-03
INTERPRO Brain expressed X-linked like protein 3 1.00E-02
Annotation Cluster 5 Enrichment Score: 1.97 Count P_Value
PIR_SUPERFAMILY PIRSF002051:histone H3 3 9.10E-03
INTERPRO Histone H3 3 1.00E-02
SMART H3 3 1.30E-02
Annotation Cluster 6 Enrichment Score: 1.78 Count P_Value
UP_SEQ_FEATURE domain:Helix-loop-helix motif 10 1.20E-02
INTERPRO Basic helix-loop-helix dimerisation region bHLH 10 1.40E-02
SMART HLH 10 2.60E-02
Annotation Cluster 7 Enrichment Score: 1.77 Count P_Value
GOTERM_CC_FAT focal adhesion 9 1.30E-02
GOTERM_CC_FAT cell-substrate adherens junction 9 1.60E-02
GOTERM_CC_FAT cell-substrate junction 9 2.20E-02
Annotation Cluster 8 Enrichment Score: 1.55 Count P_Value
GOTERM_BP_FAT regulation of B cell proliferation 5 1.20E-02
GOTERM_BP_FAT positive regulation of B cell activation 5 2.20E-02
GOTERM_BP_FAT regulation of B cell activation 5 8.40E-02
Annotation Cluster 9 Enrichment Score: 1.55 Count P_Value
PIR_SUPERFAMILY PIRSF500606:homeotic protein Hox D4 3 9.10E-03
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS embryo 3 3.30E-02
PIR_SUPERFAMILY PIRSF002612:homeotic protein Hox A5/D4 3 3.70E-02
INTERPRO Homeobox protein, antennapedia type 3 5.90E-02
Annotation Cluster 10 Enrichment Score: 1.38 Count P_Value
GOTERM_MF_FAT substrate specific channel activity 21 3.40E-02
GOTERM_MF_FAT channel activity 21 4.60E-02
GOTERM_MF_FAT passive transmembrane transporter activity 21 4.70E-02