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Table 5 KEGG significant terms up-regulated in ob/ob vs. WT, without significant changes in POKO vs. WT mice

From: Early peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma regulated genes involved in expansion of pancreatic beta cell mass

Term Name Term size Odds ratio log Adj. p-value
mmu00604 Glycosphingolipid biosybthesis 21 1.86 2.43E-02
mmu04940 Type 1 diabetes 54 1.83 2.96E-05
mmu05330 Allograt rejection 48 1.79 1.24E-04
mmu05332 Graft-verus host disease 50 1.74 1.63E-04
mmu05320 Autoinmune thyroid disease 63 1.71 3.08E-05
mmu04514 Cell adhesion molecules 141 1.65 2.05E-10
mmu05416 Viral myocarditis 80 1.23 5.78E-03
mmu04730 Long term depresion 74 1.14 2.51E-02
mmu04270 Vascular smooth muscle contact 126 1.12 1.43E-03
  1. KEGG significant terms up-regulated in islets from ob/ob vs. WT mice (adjusted p-value ≤ 0.05), without significant changes in islets from POKO vs. WT mice.