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Table 4 Multi-dimensionality reduction models for apoptosis-related markers in relation to aggressive prostate cancer (PCA)

From: Interaction among apoptosis-associated sequence variants and joint effects on aggressive prostate cancer

Best Model Cross Validation
Consistency (CVC)*
Average Testing
Accuracy (ATA)*
Permutation Testing
p value*
One Factor
AKT3 rs2125230
9/10 0.512 0.282
Two Factor
AKT3 rs2125230
PRKCQ rs571715
9/10 0.563 0.011
Three Factor
AKT3 rs2125230
BID rs366542
PRKCQ rs571715
6/10 0.529 0.127
Four Factor
AKT3 rs2125230
BCL2L14 rs2448050
BID rs366542
TNFRSF1A rs4149576
2/10 0.517 0.321
  1. *Adjusted for age and family history of prostate cancer (PCA)