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Figure 3

From: Fibroblasts from phenotypically normal palmar fascia exhibit molecular profiles highly similar to fibroblasts from active disease in Dupuytren's Contracture

Figure 3

Unsupervised Hierarchical Clustering of Expression Values Based on Sample Origin. The sample distributions of significantly different transcripts (959 transcripts, SAM v. 3.02) are displayed based on unsupervised, hierarchical, agglomerative clustering (Partek: v. 6.4) of log base 2 intensity values. A primary branch of the dendrogram distinguishes the expression values obtained from transcripts of the palmar fascia- and Dupuytren's-derived fibroblasts from those of the carpal tunnel-derived fibroblasts, indicating a distinct difference based on these tissues of origin. Dupuytren's and palmar fascia-derived fibroblasts also formed distinct clusters separate from each other at the next branching level despite their matched patient origin

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