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Table 1 Ingenuity analysis of genes concordantly expressed between PF- and CT-derived fibroblasts but significantly different in DC-fibroblasts

From: Fibroblasts from phenotypically normal palmar fascia exhibit molecular profiles highly similar to fibroblasts from active disease in Dupuytren's Contracture

ID Molecules in Network Score Focus Molecules Top Functions Canonical Pathways
1 ARID4B, ATRX, C1ORF25, CCL7, CDKN1A, CEP350, EGLN1, EPOR, FAM124B, FBXO9, GRIN1, HDAC1, HNF1A, IMPA2, KCNE4, MIR106A (includes EG:406899), MIR17 (includes EG:406952), MIR20B (includes EG:574032), MXI1, MYC, MYCT1, NFIA, NFkB (complex), NRG1, PPARA, RORA, SAP130, SEMA4B, Sin3A, SKP1, SUDS3, TNF, TRIP6, ZNF442, ZNF33B 53 18 Cell Death, Cell Cycle, Cellular Growth and Proliferation DNA Methylation and Transcriptional Repression Signaling, Toll-like Receptor Signaling, TREM1 Signaling. Erythropoietin Signaling, PXR/RXR Activation, LXR/RXR activation, Melatonin Signaling, Chemokine Signaling, PPAR Signaling, FXR/RXR Activation, HIF1 Signaling, Hepatic Cholestasis, Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Signaling, Inositol Phosphate Metabolism, PPAR/RXR Activation, Production of Nitric oxide and Reactive Oxygen Species in Macrophages, LPS/IL-1 Mediated Inhibition of RXR Function, Axonal Guidance Signaling
2 HSPB3, LSM14B 3 1 Cellular Compromise, Cellular Function and Maintenance