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Table 3 New variants observed in patients 1, 2 and 4

From: Molecular diagnostics for congenital hearing loss including 15 deafness genes using a next generation sequencing platform

Variants Prediction (PolyPhen-2) Prediction (SIFT) Prediction (AGVGD) Grantham score ([0–215])
Patient 1–2  CDH23  NM_022124.4:c.5527 G > T Chr10(NCBI 36):g.73214678 G > T p.Asp1843Tyr Probably damaging Not tolerated Most likely interfere with function (Class C65) 160
Patient 4
 OTOF  NM_194248.2:c.3263 T > C Chr2(NCBI 36):g.26550910 T > C p.Leu1088Pro Possibly damaging Not tolerated Less likely interfere with function (Class C0) 98
  1. Source: Alamut version 1.53 (Interactive Biosoftware).