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Table 2 Sample features (incl. acquiry date) and clinical diagnosis of RA and OA patients

From: Batch correction of microarray data substantially improves the identification of genes differentially expressed in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis

Batch Acquiry date Sample ID Treatment Diagnosis
1 2006-04-07 EB87.TGF.0 h TGF-β1 RA
EB87.TNF.0 h TNF-α
2 2006-11-30 EB190.TGF.0 h TGF-β1 OA
EB190.TNF.0 h TNF-α
3 2006-12-07 EB202.TGF.0 h TGF-β1
EB202.TNF.0 h TNF-α
EB205.TGF.0 h TGF-β1
EB205.TNF.0 h TNF-α
4 2006-12-12 EB220.TGF.0 h TGF-β1 RA
EB220.TNF.0 h TNF-α
EB221.TGF.0 h TGF-β1
EB221.TNF.0 h TNF-α
5 2009-03-04 EB173.TGF.0 h TGF-β1 OA
EB173.TNF.0 h TNF-α
EB227.TGF.0 h TGF-β1 RA
EB227.TNF.0 h TNF-α
6 2009-03-14 EB194.TGF.0 h TGF-β1 OA
EB194.TNF.0 h TNF-α
EB213.TGF.0 h TGF-β1 RA
EB213.TNF.0 h TNF-α
7 2009-03-26 EB88.TGF.0 h TGF-β1
EB88.TNF.0 h TNF-α
EB168.TGF.0 h TGF-β1 OA
   EB168.TNF.0 h TNF-α  
  1. All samples (total 120 arrays) were derived from 5 different time points of the respective stimulation experiment. Batch = Integer label for the Batch Correction; Acquiry date = date of hybridization of the microarray; Sample ID = unique array identification; Stimulation = Stimulation of the samples; Diagnosis = Disease of the patient.