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Table 6 Classification of the significantly modulated genes according to their involvement in cell functions or pathways

From: Skeletal muscle alterations and exercise performance decrease in erythropoietin-deficient mice: a comparative study

Ontology category Number of genes P-value Gene lists
Cell Death 12 3.47E-05 - 4.53E-02 METAP2 (includes EG:10988), BACE1, ACE, CHFR, MIF, ATP1A2, SERPINB2, CLN3, RUNX1, GMFG, XRCC6, CTSD
Protein Synthesis 11 1.77E-05 - 4.53E-02 TRNY, METAP2 (includes EG:10988), TRNN, ACE, BACE1, CHFR, MIF, CLN3, TRND, UBE2G1, CTSD
Cellular Growth and Proliferation 9 1.06E-03 - 4.53E-02 PIP4K2B, METAP2 (includes EG:10988), CHFR, MIF, CLN3, SERPINB2, RUNX1, CTSD, XRCC6
Lipid Metabolism 9 2.41E-03 - 4.53E-02 PIP4K2B, DHRS4, ALDH8A1, CYGB, ACE, MIF, CLN3, RUNX1, PLCB2
Molecular Transport 8 5.13E-03 - 4.53E-02 ALDH8A1, ACE, MIF, CLN3, ATP1A2, RUNX1, PLCB2, CKM
Cellular Assembly and Organization 7 2.57E-03 - 4.53E-02 METAP2 (includes EG:10988), ACE, BACE1, CLN3, CKM, XRCC6, CTSD
Protein Degradation 6 1.31E-04 - 5.4E-03 ACE, BACE1, CHFR, CLN3, UBE2G1, CTSD
Cardiovascular System Development and Function 5 1.43E-03 - 4.56E-02 METAP2 (includes EG:10988), ACE, MIF, ATP1A2, RUNX1
DNA Replication, Recombination, and Repair 5 7.69E-03 - 4.78E-02 METAP2 (includes EG:10988), CHFR, MIF, ATP1A2, XRCC6
Hematological System Development and Function 4 1.06E-03 - 4.04E-02 ACE, MIF, SERPINB2, RUNX1
Cell-To-Cell Signaling and Interaction 4 1.3E-03 - 4.53E-02 METAP2 (includes EG:10988), ACE, MIF, ZP2
Cell Cycle 4 2.57E-03 - 4.78E-02 METAP2 (includes EG:10988), CHFR, MIF, RUNX1
Cell Signaling 2 1.28E-02 - 2.29E-02 PLCB2, CKM