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Table 2 Benefits of the I-MPOS approach

From: Patient-controlled encrypted genomic data: an approach to advance clinical genomics

-Simplification of pre-test counselling, informed consent and post-test counselling
-Protection of the patient’s privacy and autonomy
-Genomic sequencing, even during newborn period, practical, ethical and clinically useful
-Increased diagnostic yield; cost-effective approach; decreased time to diagnosis
-Overcomes challenges such as shortage of personnel, the management of the huge amount of data generated, incidental findings, VUS, and duty to re-contact.
-Incremental integration of genomic technologies into clinical practice.
-Standardized approach in medical genomics, even where resources are limited
-Promotion of genomic research
-Refinement of clinical phenotype: partial matches for known syndromes; biochemical phenotypes
-Prevents over-medicalization of genomic data while enabling serving the patient’s concerns
-Progressive education of both the health care personnel and the general public regarding personalized/preventive medicine