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Table 2 Successfully genotyped SNPs

From: Polymorphism in glutamate cysteine ligase catalytic subunit (GCLC) is associated with sulfamethoxazole-induced hypersensitivity in HIV/AIDS patients

Gene ID SNPs
Genes involved in SMX bioactivation
FMO1 rs12720462, rs10912694, rs4916192, rs2076320, rs4433435, rs10798294
FMO3 rs2266782, rs1736557, rs1736560, rs3754491, rs12404218, rs2064076, rs2075992, rs7061710, rs909530
PTGS1 rs4273915, rs10306194, rs10306135, rs3842798
PTGS2 rs4648276, rs2745557, rs5275, rs5277
Genes involved in reactive oxygen species scavenging
SOD1 rs202445, rs1041740, rs4998557
SOD2 rs2855116, rs4880, rs5746136, rs8031, rs5746092
SOD3 rs2536512, rs8192287, rs2695232, rs8192290
CAT rs533425, rs2179625, rs554576, rs10488736, rs1049982, rs7104301
GPX1 rs32100, rs3811699, rs3448
GPX3 rs4958873, rs3792796, rs3828599, rs1946234, rs8177412, rs2070593, rs2230303, rs11548
Genes involved in GSH homeostasis
GCLM rs41303970, rs7517826, rs2301022, rs12140446, rs7549683
GCLC rs3736729, rs636933, rs761142, rs6933870, rs510088, rs2397147, rs534957, rs661603, rs2066508, rs670548
GSS rs2236271, rs6060127, rs2236270, rs2025096
GSR rs3779647, rs2253409, rs2978663, rs2551715, rs1002149, rs8190996