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Figure 2

From: Identification and characterization of alternative exon usage linked glioblastoma multiforme survival

Figure 2

Egf exon expression, moving average, and alternative splicing models. Egf: epidermal growth factor. X-axis: location in the gene (in bp). Y-axis (left): change in exon expression per additional survival month calculated from the alternative exon usage model. Full diamond black markers: exon expression from the alternative exon usage model (Exon expression). Continuous black line: moving average pattern of expression based on 10 exons. Standard Error: standard error of the exon expression estimate. Right Y-axis: indicator of AceView alternative splicing model. Colored continuous and dotted lines including cross, triangle, square, circle, line, and plus markers: indicator of the location of the AceView alternative splicing models (AceView models indicate exon series or cassette locations in the gene).

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