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Table 2 Ten most up-regulated pathways in insulin-resistant compared to insulin-sensitive group after an overnight fast

From: Adipose tissue gene expression analysis reveals changes in inflammatory, mitochondrial respiratory and lipid metabolic pathways in obese insulin-resistant subjects

GO category Pathway name Nominal p Permuted p
GO:0006954 inflammatory response 2.0E-10 0.0001
GO:0007626 locomotory behavior 2.8E-09 0.0001
GO:0007610 behavior 4.5E-09 0.0001
GO:0002682 regulation of immune system process 4.1E-08 0.0001
GO:0050778 positive regulation of immune response 1.0E-07 0.0001
GO:0055080 cation homeostasis 1.4E-07 0.0001
GO:0002253 activation of immune response 1.5E-07 0.0001
GO:0006968 cellular defense response 1.6E-07 0.0001
GO:0042330 taxis/chemotaxis 1.8E-07 0.0001
GO:0002684 positive regulation of immune system process 2.3E-07 0.0001