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Table 3 Summary of the CN events were the frequency of the event was significantly different between cases and controls are listed in the table below

From: Continuing difficulties in interpreting CNV data: lessons from a genome-wide CNV association study of Australian HNPCC/lynch syndrome patients

Chromosome region CN region CN size CN event Frequency in cases Frequency in controls 96 HNPCC/LS cases vs. 384 Controls
Nexus QuantiSNP
7q11.21 61,682,801-61,827,108 140 kb CN Gain 28% 0% p =4.93E-21 p =5.00E-06
16p11.2 32,411,929-32,504,942 82.0 kb CN Gain 46% CN Loss 23% p =3.6E-20 p <1.00E-16
  1. Nexus protocol 5 [53] was used to compare the sample groups. No genes, microRNA or CPG islands are present in any of the CN regions listed in the table.