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Table 1 Interactions between HIV-1 proteins and 9 “key regulatory” genes

From: Genome-wide search for the genes accountable for the induced resistance to HIV-1 infection in activated CD4+ T cells: apparent transcriptional signatures, co-expression networks and possible cellular processes

Profiles Genes HIV-1 proteins Mode of interactions
Bup FN1 Env binds
Gag-Pol cleaves
Tat competes with, modulated by, up-regulates
Nef up-regulates
LAMB3 Tat up-regulates
MYH10 Gag-Pol cleaves
TGM5 Env interacts with, modified by
VEGFA Env modulates
Tat cooperates with, induces release of
Bdown PRKCZ Env interacts with, inhibits, regulated by, up-regulates
Gag-Pol inhibited by, phosphorylated by
Tat Activates, regulated by, phosphorylated by
PdownBup FLJ22814 Nef up-regulates
PupBdown MGAT5B Env processed by
SMPD3 Env activates