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Table 5 The neural plate/tube gene set

From: Next-generation text-mining mediated generation of chemical response-specific gene sets for interpretation of gene expression data

Entrez gene ID Gene symbol p-value
15394 HOXA1 5.2e-10
14472 GBX2 2.4e-07
64290 FOXB1 6.4e-05
94222 OLIG3 2.9e-04
218772 RARB 4.1e-05
20668 SOX13 1.5e-07
22413 WNT2 1.2e-05
320202 LEFTY2 1.5e-04
17292 MESP1 6.9e-05
14174 FGF3 1.1e-04
54352 IRX5 1.2e-05
18423 OTX1 3.1e-07
57028 PDXP 2.0e-06
  1. False discovery rate-corrected p-values for the genes from the neural plate/tube gene set that contributed most to the weighted global test.