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Figure 3

From: Interplay between estrogen receptor and AKT in Estradiol-induced alternative splicing

Figure 3

Verification of ERα binding to alternatively spliced genes. A) ChIP-qPCR was used to confirm ERα binding to genomic regions of AXIN-1, Caspase 7, FGFR2, and FAS genes. Relative enrichment of ERα binding upon E2 treatment is shown (average and standard error of the mean). Data from one hour (AXIN-1 and FGFR2), two hours (Caspase 7), and four hours (FAS) after E2 treatment are shown. Asterisks indicate significant enrichment or loss of binding (p<0.02) upon E2 treatment. B) E2 increases SRSF7 expression in both MCF-7p and MCF-7AKT cells. Mean ±SE is shown. *p<0.05, untreated versus E2 treated. The chromosomal region encompassing SRSF7 gene lacks ERα binding sites based on our ChiP-on-chip as well as ChIP-seq data published by others (top).

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