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Table 3 Correlation of expression levels of sno/scaRNAs resulting from multiclass or supervised analyses and corresponding host-genes

From: Small nucleolar RNAs as new biomarkers in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Sno/scaRNA Alias Cytoband Host gene Kendall q-value Target RNA
SNORD45B U45B 1p31.1 RABGGTB 7.260E-14 18S rRNA A159 and 18S rRNA U172
SNORD38A U38A 1p34 RPS8 Aa 28S rRNA A1858
SNORD38B U38B 1p34 RPS8 Aa 28S rRNA A1858
SNORA16A ACA16 1p35.3 SNHG12 2.540E-02 28S rRNA U4412
SNORD76 U76 1q25 GAS5 Aa 28S rRNA A2350
SNORD94 U94 2p11.2 PTCD3 5.609E-01 U6 snRNA C62
SNORA70F U70F 2q24 COBLL1 <2.2e-16 18S rRNA U1692
SNORA6 ACA6 3p22 RPSA 4.180E-06 28S rRNA U3616
SNORA62 E2 3p22 RPSA 6.380E-06 28S rRNA U3830 and 28S rRNA U3832
SCARNA7 U90 3q25 KPNA4 8.912E-01 U1 snRNA A70
SNORA24 ACA24 4q26 SNHG8 Aa 18S rRNA U863 and 18S rRNA U609
SNORD50A U50 6q14 SNHG5 Aa 28S rRNA C2848 and 28S rRNA G2863
SNORA20 ACA20 6q25 TCP1 1.000E+00 18S rRNA U651
SNORD54 U54 8q12.1 RPS20 <2.2e-16 18S rRNA G644
SNORA70C U70C 9q33.1 ASTN2 3.760E-06 18S rRNA U1692
SNORD15B U15B 11q13.4 RPS3 <2.2e-16 28S rRNA A3764
SCARNA9 mgU2-19/30 11q21 KIAA1731 1.050E-01 U2 snRNA G19 and U2 snRNA A30
SCARNA10 U85 12p13 NCAPD2 3.746E-01 U5 snRNA U46 and U5 snRNA C45
SNORA2B ACA2B 12q13.11 C12orf41 <2.2e-16 28S rRNA U4263 and 28S rRNA U4282
SNORD59B U59B 12q13.3 ATP5B 3.530E-07 18S rRNA A1031
SNORD59A U59 12q13.3 ATP5B 9.032E-04 18S rRNA A1031
SNORA70G U70G 12q15 RAB1B 1.000E+00 18S rRNA U1692
SNORA31 ACA31 13q14.13 TPT1 2.951E-02 18S rRNA U218 and 28S rRNA U3713
SNORD8 mgU6-53 14q11 CHD8 6.937E-01 U6 snRNA A53
SNORD116-23 HBII-85-23 15q11.2 SNRPN 3.017E-02 unknown
SNORD116-1 HBII-85-1 15q11.2 SNRPN 1.364E-01 unknown
SNORD116-29 HBII-85-29 15q11.2 SNRPN 8.127E-01 unknown
SNORD60 U60 16p13 LOC100507303 Aa 28S rRNA G4340
SNORD104 U104 17q23 ORGUL028719 Aa 28S rRNA C1327
SCARNA17 mgU12-22/U4-8 18q21.1 Ib   U4 snRNA C8 and U12 snRNA G22
SNORA68 U68 19p13 RPL18A Aa 28S rRNA U4393
SNORD37 U37 19p13.3 EEF2 1.845E-03 28S rRNA A3697
SNORD34 U34 19q13 RPL13A Aa 28S rRNA U2824
SNORA71C U71C 20q11.23 LOC388796 1.910E-01 18S rRNA U406
SNORA36A ACA36 Xq28 DKC1 1.561E-03 18S rRNA U1244 and 18S rRNA U105
  1. Abbreviations: scaRNA small Cajal body-specific RNA, snoRNA small nucleolar RNA. aprobe not present onto Human Gene 1.0 ST arrays; bIndependent transcriptional unit; snoRNA significantly correlating with corresponding host gene is typed in bold.