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Table 1 Current nomenclature for human neutrophil antigens and corresponding genes

From: Genotyping of human neutrophil antigens (HNA) from whole genome sequencing data

System Antigens Gene cDNA sequence Nucleotides (dbSNP ID)
  HNA-1a, FCGR3B NM_000570.4 141(G),
HNA-1 HNA-1b FCGR3B NM_000570.4 141(C), 266(C)
HNA-1c FCGR3B NM_000570.4 141(C), 266(A)
HNA-2 HNA-2a CD177   
HNA-3 HNA-3a SLC44A2 NM_020428.3 600(G) (rs2288904)
HNA-3b SLC44A2 NM_020428.3 600(A)
HNA-4 HNA-4a ITGAM NM_001145808.1 327(G) (rs17362505)
HNA-4b ITGAM NM_001145808.1 327(A)
HNA-5 HNA-5a ITGAL NM_001114380.1 2296(G) (rs2230433)
HNA-5b ITGAL NM_001114380.1 2296(C)