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Table 3 Whole genome sequencing samples

From: Genotyping of human neutrophil antigens (HNA) from whole genome sequencing data

HapMap family Sample Sex Relation SRA ID of dataseta,b Total reads in dataset Filtered reads for HNA typing
YOR009 NA18507 male father ERX009609 1340M 3,542
NA18508 female mother ERX009610 1327M 3,313
NA18506 male child ERX009608 1320M 3,384
CEPH146 NA12891 male father ERX000172 ~ 3 980M 678
NA12892 female mother ERX000174 ~ 5 978M 566
NA12878 female child ERX000170 ~ 1 1109M 656
  1. aThe length of reads in the experiments ERX009608 ~ ERX009610 is 100bp from Illumina Genome Analyzer II.
  2. bThe length of reads in the experiments ERX000170 ~ ERX000175 is 36bp from Illumina Genome Analyzer.