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Figure 9

From: Treatment of mouse liver slices with cholestatic hepatotoxicants results in down-regulation of Fxr and its target genes

Figure 9

Effects of cholestasis on gene expression in human liver biopsies. A publically available transcriptomics data set (GSE46960) of liver biopsies obtained from 64 infants with biliary atresia, 14 infants with intrahepatic cholestasis of other origin than biliary atresia, and 7 age-matched controls were subjected to GSEA. The biological processes in the heat map correspond to gene sets significantly affected according to GSEA analysis (p < 0.05, FDR < 0.25). Gene sets were obtained using the ANNI text mining tool. Processes that were up-regulated are represented by red color, the down-regulated processes are depicted in green, and processes that were unchanged are depicted in black.

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