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Figure 8

From: Intratumoral genetic heterogeneity in metastatic melanoma is accompanied by variation in malignant behaviors

Figure 8

Gene expression heterogeneity in single cell clones of metastatic melanoma cell line LM-MEL-62. A) Hierarchical clustering based on the 1000 genes with the greatest variants amongst all samples. B) Hierarchical clustering of the LM-MEL-62 and derived clones using genes from MSigDB gene set M9221 with positive enrichment in Clones 1, 5, & 6 (Table 2). C) Expression of interferon-inducible genes was significantly increased in a paclitaxel-resistant LM-MEL-62 derivative relative to the parental cell line (P = 0.0012; paired t-test) based on QPCR analysis.

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