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Table 1 Selected gene sets associated with clustering-defined groups of clones of melanoma cell line LM-MEL-62

From: Intratumoral genetic heterogeneity in metastatic melanoma is accompanied by variation in malignant behaviors

Gene set description NES FDR MSigDB ID
Genes sets enriched in Clones 4,7,8,9
Up-regulated in melanoma patients with distant metastasis within 4 years 2.60 0.000 M6387
DNA repair and replication genes up-regulated in melanoma patients who relapsed 2.46 0.000 M2431
Up-regulated in metastases to primary melanomas 2.14 0.000 M5740
Genes sets enriched in Clones 1,5,6
Genes up-regulated in fibroblasts after interferon alpha treatment 2.10 0.000 M9221
Tumor necrosis factor pathway 1.95 0.003 M18030
NOTCH signaling 1.89 0.006 M7946
Genes sets enriched in 2,3,10
Genes up-regulated in MET over-expressing colon cancer xenografts 2.23 0.000 M3231
Genes involved in G beta:gamma signaling through PI3Kgamma 1.79 0.046 M14301
  1. NES – normalized enrichment score. FDR – false discovery rate.