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Figure 4

From: Transcriptome signatures in Helicobacter pylori-infected mucosa identifies acidic mammalian chitinase loss as a corpus atrophy marker

Figure 4

Gene and protein expression in antrum and corpus mucosa. A, B and C: RT-qPCR verification of H+/K+ ATPase, ATP4B (A), pepsinogen, PGA5 (B) and acidic chitinase, AMCase (C) versus the reference gene HPRT is shown. D and E: AMCase protein levels analysed with Western Blot. Band intensities were normalized against isotype control antibody (D). A representative blotting image is shown (E); the full image is shown in Additional file 1: Figure S4. The deduced molecular mass of the full length AMCase is 49.9 kDa. Each dot represent one patient sample. The median level is indicated with a horizontal bar, and the interquartile range indicated. Results from both antrum and corpus mucosa from the three patient groups (Hp-, Hp+, Atr) are shown (A = antrum; C = corpus).

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