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Table 1 Commonly dysregulated genes shared by urothelial and squamous carcinoma versus normal rothelium

From: Gene profiling suggests a common evolution of bladder cancer subtypes

Gene Fold change UCa Fold change SCCa Function
UBE2C 15.1 15.1 Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme; promotes cell cycle; amplified in UCC
TOP2A 13 14.8 DNA topoisomerase
CDC20 11.4 21.1 Regulates RUNX1; interacts with Aurora A; cell cycle regulation
CCNB2 9.49 12.5 Cyclin B2; TGF-beta mediated cell cyle control
CEP55 9.32 15.1 Centromeric protein regulated by FOXM1
TPX2 9.32 11.6 Microtubule formation at kinetochores
TTK 9.08 10.7 Mitotic spindle checkpoint protein; smoking responsive gene
FOXM1 8.99 7.66 Can increase levels of cyclin family members; smoking responsive gene
ZWINT 8.87 7.37 Kinetochore interactor
BUB1B 8.83 9.06 Kinase involved in spindle checkpoint function
MELK 8.58 12.4 AMPK related kinase; implicated in stem cell function
DLG7 7.98 12.3 Putative stem cell factor that interacts with kinetochore; increased in UCC
NUF2 7.64 7.97 Kinetochore-associated protein involved in chromosome segregation
MAD2L1 7.61 9.06 Spindle checkpoint protein; regulates start of anaphase
AURKB 6.62 9.53 Microtubule-associated protein involved in chromosome segregation
CCNB1 6.43 9.89 Cyclin B1; complexes with p34 to regulate mitotic activity
RACGAP1 6.24 5.89 RhoGTPase encoding gene
AURKA 5.64 8.51 Kinetochore-associated protein found at spindle poles during mitosis
ADH1B -42.3 -70.1 Involved in tobacco smoke detoxification; implicated in esophageal cancer
UPK1A -14.4 -22.4 Urothelium-associated protein
FHL1 -12.5 -8.37 LIM-protein that regulates apoptosis and proliferation
ANXA10 -12.1 -18.8 Regulates cell growth; synergizes with p53 mutation for worse outcomes
ADAMTS1 -10.0 -8.56 Matrix metalloproteinase
DARC -9.93 -15.9 Binds cytokines; can influence tumor cell binding to endothelial cells
MYH11 -8.96 -18.8 Smooth muscle myosin
DMN -8.81 -11.0 Intermediate filament associated with desmin
TCF21 -7.43 -9.92 Tumor suppressor gene; undergoes methylation in some cancers
HLA-DQA1 -7.01 -8.38 Expression may be altered following repeated BCG exposure
CD69 -6.63 -5.48 Lectin superfamily; reduced in head and neck SCC patients
ANK2 -6.28 -8.84 Links integral membrane proteins to the underlying cytoskeleton
CLU -6.18 -5.72 Apoptotic mediators; expression decreased in many cancers
SELE -6.14 -7.75 Inflammatory mediator; regulates immune cell-endothelial interaction
JAM2 -6.07 -7.61 Tight junction protein; regulates immune cell binding
AOX1 -5.76 -7.12 Nicotine metabolizing protein
PROM1 -5.27 -8.29 Expressed in adult stem cells; mediates differentiation
CCL14 -5.09 -8.40 Cytokine
  1. Differentially expressed genes have an adjusted p value of <0.05.