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Figure 3

From: Association of candidate single nucleotide polymorphisms with somatic mutation of the epidermal growth factor receptor pathway

Figure 3

Relative TERT mRNA abundance between genotypes in COAD, SKCM, THCA, UCEC, and two types of NSCLC: LUAD and LUSC. (A) rs7736074: G/G (white bars), G/C (grey bars), C/C (black bars). (B) rs4975596: C/C (white bars), C/T (grey bars), T/T (black bars). RNAseq data was obtained for TCGA tumour specimens corresponding to patients whose germline SNP profiles were analysed in Figure 1. Significant differences in mRNA abundance between genotypes were calculated using edgeR [16] (see Methods). Error bars show standard error of the mean, and were derived from the edgeR dispersion metric. ***P < 5 × 10-4; **P < 5 × 10-3; *P < 0.05.

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