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Table 2 Literature-collected candidate genes associated with CO in at least two independent literature reports

From: Pivotal role of the muscle-contraction pathway in cryptorchidism and evidence for genomic connections with cardiomyopathy pathways in RASopathies

Gene Clinical syndromes KOs and transgenes Overlapping chromosome mutations Association studies (number of studies) Expression experiments
AMH human mouse    
AMHR2 human mouse    
AR human mouse   human (2)  
ARID5B   mouse    rat
BMP7     human rat
EPHA4   mouse    rat
ESR1   mouse   human (2)  
FGFR2 human   human   rat
HOXA10   mouse   human rat
HRAS human   human   rat
INSL3   mouse   human (5), sheep, dog  
LHCGR human mouse    
MAP2K1 human     rat
MSX1    human   rat
NR5A1   mouse   human  
RXFP2   mouse   human (4)  
SOS1 human     rat
TNNI2 human   human   
TNNT3 human   human   
WT1 human mouse