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Table 1 General microarrays information

From: Co-expression network analysis and genetic algorithms for gene prioritization in preeclampsia

Code Database Sample Method Tissue Ref.
E-TABM-682 Array express 13(PRE), 58(N) Illumina Placenta [11]
E-MEXP-1050 Array express 16(PRE), 17(N) Affymetrix Placenta [12]
GSE25906 GEO 23(PRE), 37(N) Illumina Placenta [13]
GSE147222 GEO 12(PRE), 11(N) Affymetrix Placenta [14]
GSE10588 GEO 17(PRE), 26(N) ABI Human Placenta [7]
  1. Notes: All samples were collected for biopsy of placenta during childbirth. 2) In the GEO appear two platforms (GPL96, GPL97) but only GPL96 was used because a greater number of probes are shared with other platforms.