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Figure 2

From: Post-weaning selenium and folate supplementation affects gene and protein expression and global DNA methylation in mice fed high-fat diets

Figure 2

The effects of adequate selenium and folate post-weaning on differentially expressed genes and proteins in the liver of female mice exposed to high-fat diets with low selenium and folate during gestation and lactation. A network of genes (Δ) and proteins (Ο) was generated using Ingenuity Pathways Analysis software. All genes and proteins differentially expressed in the liver in response to altered selenium and folate levels were included, and the IPA knowledge base developed links between these based on direct interactions previously reported in the literature. Genes and gene products with higher expression in the deficient animals are shown in red, those with lower expression in green. This approach was used to identify whether any genes or proteins showed direct interactions with a large number of other genes or proteins, and may therefore be of particular importance in mediating the effects of altered dietary selenium and folate.

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