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Figure 3

From: Post-weaning selenium and folate supplementation affects gene and protein expression and global DNA methylation in mice fed high-fat diets

Figure 3

Comparison of gene and protein data using unsupervised hierarchical clustering in the liver. Comparison of gene (“microarray FC”) and corresponding protein (protein FC) expression levels in liver tissue of mice receiving adequate levels of folate and selenium post-weaning with expression levels in liver of mice with low dietary selenium and folate. Yellow (fold change >1) indicates greater expression in HF-Low-Suf mice, blue (fold change < 1) indicates greater expression in HF-Low-Low mice. Proteins and genes were non-hierarchically clustered according to similarity in fold change. Multiple instances of genes/protein names indicate multiple microarray probes/protein spots. Data for all gene expression changes are shown in Additional file 1: Table S1 and Additional file 2: Table S2, and for protein changes in Figure 1.

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