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Table 1 Patient preferences of different informed consent approaches for biobanking

From: Cancer patient perceptions on the ethical and legal issues related to biobanking

Type of consent Initial survey responses Follow-up survey responses
  (n = 89) % Initial (n = 43) % Follow-up (n = 43) %
Re-consent: The researchers should ask you for your permission to use them every time they would like to do a new study 9 10.1 2 9.3 5 11.6
One time consent: The researchers should only ask for your permission to use them once, thus allowing researchers to use them for as many studies as they would like 53 59.6 29 67.4 31 72.1
Tiered consent: The researchers should provide you with options regarding the types of studies your stored samples and health information could and could not be used in 27 30.3 10 23.3 7 16.3
  1. Due to rounding, totals may not equal 100%.