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Figure 1

From: Fatty acid binding protein 3 (fabp3) is associated with insulin, lipids and cardiovascular phenotypes of the metabolic syndrome through epigenetic modifications in a northern european family population

Figure 1

CpG methylation profile of FABP3 promoter/1 st exon region. A total of 28 CpG sites were identified within or immediately upstream to the CpG island spanning the boundary between the promoter and the first exon of FABP3 gene. Methylation values at each CpG loci measured in our MetS cohort (y-axis) were averaged and plotted against their chromosomal positions (x-axis). CpG methylation levels are depicted by bars with standard deviations shown in error bars. A graphical representation of the FABP3 region under investigation is shown below the bar graph. Squares represent the CpG units that passed the quality control standard (see Materials and Methods). Triangles represent the CpG units that did not pass the quality control criteria and were therefore not analyzed further. The location of the identified CpG island is highlighted in blue. Transcription start site, position of the start codon and transcription elements that were previously identified in the promoter region (53) are also shown.

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