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Figure 2

From: Fatty acid binding protein 3 (fabp3) is associated with insulin, lipids and cardiovascular phenotypes of the metabolic syndrome through epigenetic modifications in a northern european family population

Figure 2

Manhattan plot of CpG methylation status in association with MetS traits. P-values for traits that were at least suggestively significantly associated with methylation at one or more CpG sites [presented as –log(p) on the y-axis], were plotted against the chromosomal positions of analyzed CpG sites. FABP3 is encoded on the - strand so bp locations (annotated to the + strand) are displayed in reverse order. Plot symbol shapes represent specific MetS traits (see right margin of each panel). Symbols represent association of the 17 individual CpG loci as well as the regional average (arbitrarily assigned to a position after the last CpG site). The gene architecture of the region is shown under the plots. The dashed line represents the statistical significance threshold (blue, alpha=0.05) after correction for multiple testing.

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