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Table 5 GO term enrichment analysis of predicted liver-specific genes.

From: Genome-wide prediction and analysis of human tissue-selective genes using microarray expression data

Category Term Count* %* P-Value*
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0002526~acute inflammatory response 29 8.41 1.65E-24
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0009611~response to wounding 55 15.94 8.55E-23
GOTERM_CC_FAT GO:0005615~extracellular space 63 18.26 8.65E-23
GOTERM_CC_FAT GO:0005576~extracellular region 109 31.59 1.35E-21
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0007596~blood coagulation 25 7.25 5.55E-19
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0050817~coagulation 25 7.25 5.55E-19
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0007599~hemostasis 25 7.25 2.33E-18
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0055114~oxidation reduction 54 15.65 2.46E-18
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0006956~complement activation 18 5.22 2.70E-18
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0002541~activation of plasma proteins involved in acute inflammatory response 18 5.22 4.37E-18
  1. *Count: the number of genes involved in the given GO term; %: the percentage of involved genes in total genes; P-Value: the modified Fisher Exact P-Value.