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Figure 1

From: Development of a novel DNA sequencing method not only for hepatitis B virus genotyping but also for drug resistant mutation detection

Figure 1

Phylogenetic tree map of HBV genome sequencing. 32 HBV genomes of eight different genotypes were sequenced by HBV genome sequencing, and software MEGA4 was used to analyze these genomes to get the phylogenetic trees of genome sequencing. Tree Inference: [Method: Neighbor-Joining; Phylogeny Test and options: Bootstrap (1000 replicates; seed = 100000)]; Include Sites: [Gaps/Missing Data: Complete Deletion]; Substitution Model: [Model: Nucleotide: Maximum Composite Likelihood; Substitutions to Include: d: Transitions + Transversions; Pattern among Lineages: Same (Homogeneous); Rates among sites: Uniform rates]

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