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Table 1 Reference sequences for genotyping

From: Development of a novel DNA sequencing method not only for hepatitis B virus genotyping but also for drug resistant mutation detection

Genotype A AM282986 gi_59418 gi_1155012 gi_15419837 gi_5114084
Genotype B gi_21280301 gi_221497 gi_221498 gi_4323201 gi_6063442
Genotype C gi_13365548 gi_22415734 gi_6063452 NC_003977 gi_3582357
Genotype D gi_329640 gi_736003 gi_329667 gi_62280 gi_59439
Genotype E gi_452617 gi_6691492    
Genotype F gi_11191875 gi_59422 gi_12247041 gi_452637  
Genotype G gi_18146661 gi_6983934 gi_19849032   
Genotype H gi_22135696 gi_22135711 gi_22135726