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Table 2 Sequences for genotyping verification

From: Development of a novel DNA sequencing method not only for hepatitis B virus genotyping but also for drug resistant mutation detection

Genotype A AB014370 AB330372 AB453986 AJ627227 AM295800 EU594388
  AB126580 AB330373 AB453987 AJ627228 AM410963 EU594389
  AB194950 AB453979 AB453988 AM184125 AM494718 EU594390
  AB194951 AB453980 AB453989 AM184126 AP007263 EU594391
  AB194952 AB453981 AJ309369 AM282986 EU594383 EU594392
  AB205118 AB453982 AJ309370 AM295795 EU594384 EU594393
  AB241114 AB453983 AJ309371 AM295797 EU594385 EU594394
  AB241115 AB453984 AJ344115 AM295798 EU594386 EU594395
  AB330371 AB453985 AJ627226 AM295799 EU594387  
Genotype B AB014366 AB205119 AB287317 AB287326 EF473977 EU939628
  AB033554 AB205120 AB287318 AB287327 EU595030 EU939629
  AB033555 AB205121 AB287319 AB287328 EU595031 EU939630
  AB115551 AB205122 AB287320 AB287329 EU796066  
  AB117759 AB241117 AB287321 AB365445 EU796067  
  AB195933 AB287314 AB287322 AB368295 EU796068  
  AB195934 AB287315 AB287323 AJ627225 EU796071  
  AB195935 AB287316 AB287325 EF473976 EU939627  
Genotype C AB014360 AB014374 AB014384 AB026811 AB033557 AB112065
  AB014362 AB014376 AB014385 AB026812 AB042282 AB112066
  AB014363 AB014377 AB014389 AB026813 AB042283 AB112348
  AB014364 AB014378 AB014391 AB026814 AB042284 AB112471
  AB014365 AB014379 AB014392 AB033550 AB042285 AB112472
  AB014367 AB014380 AB014393 AB033551 AB105172  
  AB014369 AB014381 AB014394 AB033552 AB105173  
  AB014371 AB014382 AB014396 AB033553 AB105174  
  AB014372 AB014383 AB014399 AB033556 AB112063  
Genotype D AB033558 AB109475 AB119253 AB188244 AB210822 EU594431
  AB033559 AB109476 AB119254 AB188245 EU594422 EU594432
  AB090268 AB109477 AB119255 AB205126 EU594423 EU594433
  AB090269 AB109478 AB119256 AB205127 EU594424 EU594434
  AB090270 AB109479 AB120308 AB205128 EU594425 EU594435
  AB104709 AB110075 AB126581 AB210818 EU594426 EU594436
  AB104710 AB116266 AB188241 AB210819 EU594427  
  AB104711 AB119251 AB188242 AB210820 EU594428  
  AB104712 AB119252 AB188243 AB210821 EU594430