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Figure 5

From: TSG: a new algorithm for binary and multi-class cancer classification and informative genes selection

Figure 5

Plot of the number of genes for TSP(or HC-TSP), TSG, k-TSP(or HC-k-TSP), DT, and PAM. Labels 1,..., 5 in plots represent: 1: TSP in binary and HC-TSP in multi-class cases; 2: TSG; 3: k-TSP in binary and HC-k-TSP in multi-class cases; 4: DT; 5: PAM. The number of genes used in PAM is not shown in the graph if they are beyond the upper limit of the vertical axis. The numbers not shown for PAM include 2296 and 701 for Leuk and Pros3 data respectively on binary cases, and 285, 4822, 614, 3949, 3338, 2008, 1253 genes for SRBCT, Breast, Lung2, DLBCL, Leuk3, Cancers, and GCM data respectively in multi-class cases.

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