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Table 1 Frequency counts of samples in each class for marker pairs.

From: TSG: a new algorithm for binary and multi-class cancer classification and informative genes selection

  Ei < Ej EiEj Total
Class C 1 f 11ij f 21ij n 1 = f 11ij +f 21ij
Class C M f 1Mij f 2Mij n M = f 1Mij +f 2Mij
Total T 1 = Σ m = 1 M f 1 m i j T 2 = Σ m = 1 M f 2 m i j N
  1. The E i and E j represent the population of expression values for markers i and j respectively.
  2. The ni are the total number of samples in class Ci, i = 1,..., M.