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Table 3 Binary class gene expression datasets

From: TSG: a new algorithm for binary and multi-class cancer classification and informative genes selection

Dataset Platform No. of
No. of samples
in class I
No. of samples
in class II
Colon cDNA 2000 40(T) 22(N) [18]
Leukemia Affy 7129 25(AML) 47(ALL) [19]
CNS Affy 7129 25(C) 9(D) [20]
DLBCL Affy 7129 58(D) 19(F) [21]
Lung Affy 12533 150(A) 31(M) [22]
Prostate1 Affy 12600 52(T) 50(N) [23]
Prostate2 Affy 12625 38(T) 50(N) [24]
Prostate3 Affy 12626 24(T) 9(N) [25]
GCM Affy 16063 190(C) 90(N) [26]