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Table 1 Topological properties

From: Key genes for modulating information flow play a temporal role as breast tumor coexpression networks are dynamically rewired by letrozole

  Number of Nodes Number of Links Largest Connected Component Mean Path Length Global Clustering Coefficient
Pre-treatment 1044 2262 942 5.16 0.090
Mid-treatment 1044 2462 957 5.12 0.089
Post-treatment 1044 2858 982 4.79 0.103
  1. Characteristics of coexpression networks over the course of treatment with letrozole. Coexpression networks are built from gene expression data measured at diagnosis (Pre-treatment), following 10-14 days of letrozole treatment (Mid-treatment), and following 90 days of letrozole treatment (Post-treatment). The largest connected component is the number of nodes within the largest subgraph. Mean path length is a measure of the average distance between all pairs of nodes within the largest connected component of the network. The global clustering coefficient is the probability that neighboring nodes of a given node are connected.