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Table 1 Prostate cancer datasets analyzed

From: Curation-free biomodules mechanisms in prostate cancer predict recurrent disease

Author Phenotype Samples Analyzed Usage Source
[11] Normal vs Tumor Authors examined 61 microdissected prostate cancer specimens along with 63 normal prostate tissues samples adjacent to tumor of patients. Feature Selection GDS2547
[12] Normal vs Tumor Authors examined 33 African-American and 36 European-American patients with prostate cancer. Also profiled 18 non-tumor prostate tissues from 7 African-American and 11 European-American patients. Feature Selection GSE6956
[13] Normal vs Tumor Comprehensive set from Memorial Sloan Ketting tumor bank in prostate tumors from 53 patients with primary or metastatic prostate cancer and 29 normal controls. Feature Selection GSE21032
[14] Disease free interval survival 79 tumors were obtained from the Memorial Sloan Kettering tumor bank. The authors identified three signatures of early recurrence (within one year). Validation Set From author
  1. The first three datasets are used for mechanism feature selection reported in Table 2 and Figure 1. The fourth dataset serves as independent validation as depicted in Figure 3.