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Table 4 Associations of single SNPs.

From: Diplotyper: diplotype-based association analysis

SNP Minor; Major Genotype frequency Effect Standard error P value
rs11631342 G; A 29/923/6583 0.037 0.0083 5.66E-06
rs6494005 G; A 569/2891/4018 -0.023 0.0047 7.43E-07
rs261332 T; C 350/2617/4556 0.035 0.0049 3.03E-12
  1. Associations of single SNPs with HDL-C levels.
  2. Effect sizes (mmol/l) shown are β-coefficients and measured as additive effects, which correspond to the average change in HDL-C levels when one major allele is replaced with one minor allele.