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Table 6 Associations of diplotypes described in Figure 2.

From: Diplotyper: diplotype-based association analysis

Diplotypes Minor; Major Diplotype frequency Effect Standard error P value
b1_H1(AAC)/b1_H9(AAT) b1_H9; b1_H1 346/1503/1498 0.033 0.0065 7.13E-07
b1_H1(AAC)/b1_H15(GAC) b1_H15; b1_H1 29/430/1498 0.035 0.012 0.0048
b1_H1(AAC)/b1_H13(AGC) b1_H13; b1_H1 564/1791/1498 -0.0093 0.0057 0.13
  1. Associations of diplotypes with HDL-C levels.
  2. Effect sizes (mmol/l) shown are β-coefficients and measured as additive effects, which correspond to the average change in HDL-C levels when one major haplotype cluster is replaced with one minor haplotype cluster.