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Table 1 15 annotation terms with occurence rates

From: Automated skin biopsy histopathological image annotation using multi-instance representation and learning

No. Name Rate
t1 hyperkeratosis 28.65%
t2 parakeratosis 22.71%
t3 absent granular cell layer 1.8%
t4 acanthosis 32.15%
t5 thin prickle cell layer 4.14%
t6 hyperpigmentation of Basal cell layer 6.48%
t7 Munro microabscess 2.61%
t8 nevocytic nests 9.12%
t9 infiltration of lymphocytes 36.99%
t10 basal cell liquefaction degeneration 4.46%
t11 horn cyst 6.31%
t12 hypergranulosis 8.25%
t13 follicular plug 3.72%
t14 papillomatosis 16.48%
t15 retraction space 4.53%