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Table 3 Functional modules related to the drug-prostate cancer associations

From: Inferring drug-disease associations from integration of chemical, genomic and phenotype data using network propagation

Database Functional modules p-value
REACTOME Fanconi anemia pathway 4.65E-5
KEGG Huntington's disease pathway 1.60E-4
KEGG p53 signaling pathway 9.72E-4
BIOCARTA BRCA1, BRCA2 and ATR pathway 1.61E-3
GO, KEGG Cell cycle 1.81E-3
REACTOME DNA Repair 3.89E-3
GO Negative regulation of cell proliferation 9.75E-3
KEGG Alzheimer's disease pathway 1.21E-2
GO Apoptosis 1.26E-2
KEGG Pancreatic cancer pathway 1.69E-2
KEGG Viral myocarditis 1.83E-2
REACTOME Electron transport 2.13E-2