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Figure 1

From: Whole-genome sequencing of matched primary and metastatic hepatocellular carcinomas

Figure 1

Circos plots for the 4 primary tumors and their matched metastases. Outer panels represent somatic SNVs with nonsynonymous and splice mutations in red, others are in black. Somatic copy number alterations are shown in inner panels (orange histogram, duplications; blue histogram, deletions). Structural variations are depicted as links in the interior of the plots. Blue link, inter-chromosomal translocations; red link, intra-chromosomal translocations; purple link, insertions; green link, deletions. Plots of A to H show the variants of primary tumor and metastasis from each of the 4 cases 441, D430, D473 and DD59 with “P” for primary and “M” for metastasis.

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